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Pavel Bure Signings?


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So I'm travelling 12 hours this weekend to watch the Leafs vs Nucks this saturday. I was wondering if Bure has any autograph sessions anywhere in the lower mainland? I have a sweet Bure jersey that needs his signature on it to complete it. The last time I saw Bure was New Years eve 96 against the Flyers.

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Not exactly sure but maybe you'd be able to get it if you find out what hotel he's staying at downtown.

...I remember when it was Nazzy's retirement game, 2-3 hours before the game my friends and I heard where he was staying. We went to the hotel waiting outside to see if it was true, asked a worker, and he said he's coming down any minute to leave to the arena. Got autographs, pictures, and all that good stuff....Idk, my advice to you.

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