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Mafia: The Game [Pizza] GAME IN PROGRESS (PLEASE PIN!)


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Welcome to Mafia Pizza! I, Lord Peach, will be your host for this game.

All roles will be handed out via PM. If you do not receive a PM, you are a normal townsperson.

If you do not know how a role works, please visit the roles section.

Roles will be handed out tonight and the round will start after roles have been given out.

First lynch will be tomorrow night.

*IMPORTANT NOTICE* The Death Note has been taken out and the Serial Killer has been brought back.



Townsperson (TP)

The objective of the game for the townspeople, is to eliminate all mafia and the Serial Killer. The TP get one lynch every round.


The goal of the mafia is to eliminate all townspeople (TP) and the Serial Killer. The mafia submit one kill per round via PM to me.


The sheriff is affiliated with the TP, but gets one investigation each round starting AFTER the round has started (I will not make that mistake again). Investigations will show up as "Not Mafia" or "Mafia". Please submit investigation to me via PM/

Vigilante (Vig)

The Vig is affiliated with the TP and gets one kill per night. Please submit kill to me via PM.


The kingpin is affiliated with the mafia, and gets one investigation every SECOND night. Investigations will show up as a specific role. Please submit investigation to me via PM. Will show up as "Not mafia" in sheriff investigations.


The Twinblade is a TP, who can sacrifice himself for the good of the town. He gets one kill per game, but kills himself in the process. Please submit kill to me via PM.


The doctor is a TP who can save one person per night, but only once. He may not save someone from multiple kills. The doctor may save himself twice all game. Please submit save to me via PM.

Serial Killer

The Serial Killer (SK) is not part of either team, he is his own team, and the goal is to be the last man standing. The SK gets 1 kill each night. Please submit kill to me via PM.


- No screenshotting.

- You may not quote PM's from the host.

- You may not invite someone to a PM from the host.

- Only lynched players get last words.

- Once your dead, please shut up.

- No personal attacks.

- Please remain active. One vote and one post of substance every 2 rounds at least or you will feel Lord Peach's wrath.

- Anything Lord Peach says is final.

- Please do not reveal the mafia if you are one.

- Editing a post will result in a warning. The second time, it will result in an automatic godkill!

- Votes not bolded will not count.

- If you wish to unvote someones, please do so in this format

Unvote ????

Vote ????

- Please, if you are a TP, do not screw with the game. This includes faking roles. Spokespeople are fine. If you do so, you will be PM'ed by myself and given until night fall to explain yourself. Otherwise, you shall be godkilled. YOU WILL ONLY BE GODKILLED IF YOU'RE DOING TO TRY AND BE FUNNY. IF YOU'RE DOING IT AS A STRATEGY, THAT IS FINE.

- No spamming. Spamming will result in a godkill.

PS: I promise to remain out of the game.

Kill Order:

1) Godkill

2) Twinblade

3) Lynch

4) Serial Killer

5) Mafia

6) Vigilante

Good luck and happy mafia!

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