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Would Reverting to Holiday be a Good Addition?

Ugli Fruit

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No, this is not a new topic. That said, the new circumstances regarding the team suggests that old ideas may not necessarily be bad ideas (such as putting Kesler on the wing).

The team finally has the one thing it missed since 2011 - tenacity. It always had a comparable amount of talent at any given time. To be honest, our team this year is less deep than the team we had in 2011. Yet, with a new coach and some no name players with nothing to lose, the Canucks have formed an identity that is a cup-winning mentality. That is, hard work and determination goes a tremendously long way given a sprinkle of talent.

So, it would seem the team has the best chance of making a good run in the playoffs since 2011. And with the drive and hunger seemingly back, would the return of a well-known goal song revive the historic playoff run that so nearly brought the city a cup?

I doubt it would make a huge change either way, but if you think about it, the idea does have some merits. Most would associate Holiday with some good vibes in that season, and hearing it again would most likely have a good effect in the team's overall attitude. The song is also just more lively than the current one, to be completely honest.

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and is a goal song really necessary to be honest?

why cant we just cheer our heads off like i do in my living room.. now i dont attend canucks games unless they are out east, but wouldn't everyone cheering really loud be alot with a bunch of horns be more intimidating to opponents then a song? like i mean cheer hard.. not just clap..

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