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Hillary Clinton is coming to Vancouver

Dasani drinker

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According to sources, former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be coming to Vancouver in 2014 to deliver a major keynote speech.

The event is expected to happen on Wednesday, March 5, 2014 and will be organized by the Vancouver Board of Trade.

An official announcement on the event date, details and registration is expected very soon. The evening with Hillary Clinton will be a dinner talk in downtown Vancouver for 1,000 or more people. Tickets are expected to cost upwards of $500


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Yuck. I hate when this country deals with the US. Especially rats like Hillary Clinton

I've always thought her to be more of a rabbid rat than just a rat. Rats are good prey for eagles and coyotes - they serve a purpose despite their disgustingness. However rabbid rats are no good for anybody. ie hillary clinton, cheney, harper, cameron, etc.

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If it was a dinner with Pavel Bure, people would be throwing $500 easy at it.

She's an intelligent woman, a former senator, and secretary of state. She graduated from Yale with a law degree.

Just because you might not find her interesting, I'm sure lots of others do. At least she could be a secretary of state, over a certain Alaskan bimbo.

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