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What is your scent?


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Mash the overlords have gifted you with the fragrance of tuna, I can see it wafting out from between your legs. Have no shame.

I wear crotchless panties to allow my scent to flow. The overlords do not give out a scent without good reason. I must share it.

I thought you could smell us through the computer screen...?

I have sadly lost my gift exactly 1 second before I posted this thread, child.

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Why is this even a dilemma? Men...

Hey, at least we're practical. Why make a dilemma out of which overpriced, soon to be under/never used article of clothing to waste your significant other's money on? Women...

For the record, I smell like sweat, pot, campfire, wet dog, and depending on how recently I farted, tacos. I'll shower before I go out in public. Can't do anything about the taco farts though.

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For the record, I buy overpriced clothes with my own money. Far from underused though.

How would you like it if your significant other smelled like sweat, pot, campfire, wet dog and taco farts? You all have it too easy shoving your face into beautiful soft skinned necks that smell like lavender, perfume and lotion.

I'd be like "Yo you smell like a good time any tacos and pot left?" what kind of a question is that?

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