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Undercover Boss Canada is lame.


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I've seen about five or six episodes of this show and I'm always hoping the undercover bosses are going to read the riot act to some terrible employees.

So far it is all a bunch of hugging and support. What a letdown.

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apparently it originated in Japan, then moved to the UK, then moved around the world

Yup, well there you go...


Dragons' Den is a series of reality television programmes featuring entrepreneurs pitching their business ideas in order to secure investment finance from a panel of venture capitalists. The show originated in Japan as "マネーの虎" (Tiger of Money, a pun on "Tiger of Malaya", the nickname of a famous WWII general, Tomoyuki Yamacrapa)[citation needed]. The format is owned by Sony Pictures Television International.
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Kevin O'Leary is on both Shark Tank and Dragons Den, yet he makes the least deals. He is honestly just there to keep the show entertaining and get some face time. That being said, he is a reason why I enjoy both, always rips into people, andt hen tries to rip them off.

I find him to be an arrogant, opinionated ass with a severe deficit in listening skills. Gordie help whatever poor woman is married to/will marry that arse.

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I almost don't even care about the panel at all, there's just something about that show that I find strangely engaging, regardless of which country its from.

I'd be really interested in seeing how many of the 'accepted' pitches go on to become successful

(whatever it means to be 'successful')

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Reality tv sucks

I most definitely agree, however there's something about big brother I find hilarious. I haven't missed one of those yet but the rest I've seen once or twice and forgot all about it. Putting 16 people behind closed doors and watching them self destruct is satisfying in a weird way.

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