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Proposal: Getting Bertuzzi back?


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Bertuzzi puts up a solid 40 points a season, and he could be a great mentor for Kassian.

To Detroit:

David Booth

5th round pick

To Van:

Todd Bertuzzi

Personally, I love bertuzzi and I would love him to be back in Van. He could play perfectly with the sedins or the 2nd line wing

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Bert isn't coming back. Why would he want to after the city placed a bounty on moore's head the coach goaded him into going after him. An unfortunate accident happened and the city basically turned around and spat on him. And acted like nobody ever wanted moore to get hurt when the day before people were calling for a bounty on his head.

Too much bad memories and unresolved court cases and drama. No way I'd come back if I were him. He can move on with his life.

Plus Booth has negative value.

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I doubt Bert would ever come back. God, the media who helped chase him out (Ted Chernekl or whoever that clown who stood in his front yard was) would be all over him....based on that alone he'd probably steer clear of this corner of the world.

And that deal just wouldn't happen.

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