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Zack Kassian is NOT a Power Forward.


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Everybody needs to stop drinking the MG kool-aid and realize something, Kassian may have been considered a "power forward" in junior, but he is an average size NHL-er.

Since last season he has been listed at 214 lbs. He mentioned dropping some weight over the summer. I bet you he is around 205-206 lbs right now.

Some comparables across the league:

Lucic = 235 lbs

Bertuzzi = 220 lbs

Backes = 221 lbs

Nash = 220 lbs

Hell, even Booth weights in at 215 lbs. His frame and build is similar to Higgins who weighs in at 205 lbs.

This isn't a knock on Kassian, just a reality check for some fans out there. We can't expect him to be laying guys out like Lucic, controlling the play like Bertuzzi, and driving hard to the net like Backes and Nash. He just isn't built for that in the NHL.

IMHO, his ceiling right now is a more skilled version of Higgins with better hands and playmaking ability. Hopefully he will be good for 50 points in this league one day.

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Size isn't the only thing that makes a power forward. It's how he plays. When you watch him use his size primarily to shield the puck and drive to the middle you will understand that he's a PWF. How good of a powerforward is up for debate, but he is one for sure.

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He is 22 years old. By time he is 25 or 27 he will be 230

i say more like 240+ in his mid to late 20's plus he will be tough as nails. think him punching Eager in the face when Kassian is a grown man and not a big kid...

plus he is pretty strong on the puck right now wait till he is matured.

To me he is the best kind of power forward he knows how to pass the puck when he knows he is not going to make anything happen. he might not be at a high level yet but i can see it happening in a couple years.

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And what exactly is your definition of a powerforward?

By your standards it seems to be a player that weighs at least 220lbs, no less.

You do know that a powerforward is just a bigger player that plays a hard nosed drive to the net game right? But you seem to think because Kassian weighs 6 less lbs than Bertuzzi he's not in the same category? That makes sense.

Kassian is the exact definition of a powerforward. Just because he's not dominating other players at 22 doesn't mean he's not. He has lots of time to add muscle and develop his game.

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Lol sheeps everywhere. Hanging on every word MG spews out of his mouth.

He weighed 214 lbs LAST YEAR. He admitted to cutting weight this summer to get into better shape. I think he is at 205 lbs. Please tell me what other rookies spend their first few seasons in the league cutting weight instead of bulking up?

He can't even stay in shape at 214 lbs much less 240 lbs. Pls go.

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So OP just to clarify, what do you think he is then if he isn't a PWF? A grinder? Playmaker? Sniper?

Honestly, I would classify him as a grinder with above average hands and vision on the ice. Good for 40-50 points in a career year.

He is not going to be the 70+ point prototypical power forward people are expecting.

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