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[Montage] Alex Burrows Montage + [SCF and "The Hawks are Under Siege!"]


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Alex Burrows returned from Injury against Washington on Oct. 28 2013, so:

Here is a Alexandre Burrows Montage made by Me: TheMohammadman. All the clips belong to the respective owners and no copyright infringement intended. But all the Editing, timing, and placing, and overall editing was done by me.

Music: Two Steps from Hell is a production music company based in Los Angeles, California founded by Nick Phoenix and Thomas J. Bergersen on 14 February 2006. No copyright infringement intended. The Music blonds to their respective owners.

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I can't watch. It makes me too sad seeing the 2011 playoffs in there :(

But I'm sure you did a great job.

Thanks :)

I didn't watch a 2011 replay until this summer :) Got to appreciate what we accomplished. Recognize what went wrong. And move on.

Amazing job thanks for taking the time to put this together

Thanks too :)

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Thanks :)

Yeah, I loved that moment. Just had to include it.

We still have great puck possession sometimes. But it all gets crumbled after we lose the puck. We need more puck pressure in the offensive zone.

It all starts with our D-men being able to carry the puck out of our zone and not chipping it out off the glass.

Ehrhoff and Ballard were both great at rushing the puck. And Ehrhoff was especially good at holding the zone; Salo too.

If we wanna know why our puck possession game has dwindled, it's because of the loss of players like that. I would like to see us slot a guy like Corrado in later in the season if he's developing well. He has that same great puck moving ability.

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