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What kind of prospect do the Canucks need in the 1st round of the 2014 entry draft?

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What kind of player do you want in the first round of the 2014 draft  

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top six sniping winger or play-making top six center.

D take longer to develop. Canucks need to get a prospect in the NHL lineup as soon as possible.

Forwards always are the quickest to make the jump then d-men and goalies take the longest.

The Canucks d is good enough. Plus they already have Corrado to be their puck moving d-man.

The Canucks need another guy like either Shinkaruk a sniper or Horvat a playmaker.

Ideally the guy is a great skater and a play making center just in case Horvat doesn't become a 2nd line player because of his skating and instead is a third line stalwart.

Making Guance and Jensen not to mention Schroeder expendable if need be.

Canucks should be picking after #20 again this year barring trades.

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I was just looking at the latest Copper & Blue mock draft yesterday. It's from a couple weeks ago and based off their current power rankings, but either way we're along way off from the real draft so obviously a million and one things can change.


They have Vancouver drafting 25th and taking Jack Glover, a Minnesota-born D who actually fits a lot of our needs.

A tall, lanky defenseman that gives his team the presence of a fourth forward. Glover has great skating ability that should only get better as he grows into his body. Has good hands as he has demonstrated some clever stick work in tight areas. Glover has also shown some touch as he has the ability to make long range tape-to-tape passes.

Glover has demonstrated his intelligence on the ice by knowing his surroundings and available options. Does not get rattled in pressure situations, instead Glover stays composed and makes the smart play. When in the defensive zone Glover applies tight coverage and does a good job taking space away from opposing players by using his lengthy reach.

Glover will have to make some diminutive improvements in his decision making as he occasionally pinches at the wrong time. Development in this area should be made has he gains experience. For his age Glover is playing at an advanced level of play and at this point is considered one of the top Minnesota prospects for the 2014 NHL Draft.


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We don't really have too many defencemen in the system but defencemen are easier to fluke and get later in the draft. Earlier drafted ones are more likely to fail then forwards.

I would like a pure scorer if there is one available. Best player available is always the best way to go in my mind.

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