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Targetting Hemsky = Urgent Priority!

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Let's face it, the Oiler's are in downward spiral into oblivion. They are in an absolute whirlwind so nothing short of a major shakeup is going to turn their season around. Cue the Canucks as a trading partner.

Fact: We need to get Booth off the books ASAP

Fact: The Oiler's have been trying to unload Hemsky for years

Fact: Hemsky is a talented scorer

Fact: The Canucks lack secondary scoring depth

Trade Proposal:

David Booth



2014 3rd Round Pick



Bieksa is redundant and I feel Webber could easily fill the void. Hemsky & Perron would easily make us legit contender as proven scorers to provide insane depth. Jensen is looking like nothing more than a bust and Booth really has negative value in any trade sad but true

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Perron is the Oilers most reliable scoring threat as it stands. Jensen is worth more than Hemsky in the long run.


Fact, Hemsky is injured as often as Booth....

As for Bieksa being redundant, you`ve gotta be kidding me. Our only D with bite.

This thread is redundant

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Let's face it.

The Canucks and Oils arent going to be involved in a trade as they are divisional rivals.

Canucks could have gotten more on the Schneider deal with the Oils but did not do it.

We wont trade Jensen or Bieksa to the Oils for the same reason Oils wont trade Perron and Hemsky to the Canucks.

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too many active roster involved, those trade doesn't happen anymore, specially with a team that has success like Vancouver. If Oilers unloads unwanted player it we be with a team like Columbus for similar unwatnted players.

I'm not concerned about Booth anymore, i've made my peace with him. Here's how i think we will get rid of him.

- Probably wil get injured again (already is)

- Gillis will put him on LTIR for a few weeks/months

- When ready to come back, Gillis will tell booth stay at home, stay healthy and we'll buy you out next summer and absord cap hit for the season

Or will be sent in the minors for a small cap relief (not sure about these rule), after going unclaimed on waivers

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Haha all of CDC was asking for Bieksa's head including me after he had a bad season last year now you all act like you've been with him the whole time.

He is turning it around and I wouldn't trade him quite yet.

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