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Canucks sign Sedins to 4 year deal


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Excellent! Worth the cash! Love it.

For those all butthurt its not a "Hometown Discount" remember they were making 6.1 when they were in their prime when they could make 8-9 on the market, and David effing Clarkson makes 7mil for 7 years. Who would you rather have for that money and term. Jesus christ guys

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Sweet. Very reasonable cap hit (a discount even in reasonable terms - certainly a discount by some crazy cap spending standards - won't name any teams lolzzz).

Good term, good timing.

Great to have them signed again long term.

Thanks Hank and Dank and the managment team that got it done.

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While I'm thrilled they've signed, I truly was hoping it was for less. This isn't to say I don't think they're *worth* 7 million, but this increase does hurt us in a cap era. Add to that the fact that they are not getting any younger, and we can expect their production in the 4th year to be noticably less.

But still - nice to see they are sticking around and we can put this behind us.

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