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Job hunting while still employed

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So, I'm stuck in a dead end job and I think it's time for me to move on. I don't want to quit until I've secured a new job because who knows how long it'll take.

Anyways, how do I go about applying for jobs without tipping my boss off? I'm sure most employers will ask for references, and I've been working at this place for years. I've had other jobs before but all short term and I doubt they'll remember enough about me. And my boss knows a lot of people in the industry, can I assume that people won't mention it to her or would I have to request that my application be kept in confidence?

Also would it be a bad idea to apply to a place that has a business relationship with my boss? I mean, I'm pretty sure they'd mention it to her even if I didn't get the job. I'm quite certain she won't fire me but she could make this already hellish job worse.

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I've recently been in the same position...it's REALLY difficult...especially if you need to attend interviews and have to schedule time off work to do so. Gets tricky...for me, it meant losing pay to do so.

People who've left my place of employment use me as a reference because I'm in the same position they were, so they know they can trust me. You have to choose your references carefully and if you're aligned (at all) with someone in a position to provide one, use them. I wouldn't worry about your boss finding out (mine eventually did, and it actually improved my situation as we hashed out "why" I was planning on moving on). If the situation arises, just be honest....tell her you don't see any room for advancement or long term security, etc. I basically told the truth - said I had to make life decisions that worked for me...they, in turn, made it a better work environment for me and removed some toxicity from the office.

Good luck!

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I'd try using other people that work there besides your boss. Like supervisors or other people you can trust.

Just don't be surprised if you current boss does end up finding out. It's hard to keep that stuff under wraps

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Be up front with your current boss about you exploring other opportunities. Sneaking around and trying to keep interviews on the down low will tarnish your rep far more than just being up front about it. It may even push your current job to offer you incentives to stay, at least for the time being.

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I myself am in the same position. I'm not at a dead end job though, I'm a courtesy associate at Wal Mart, and while it's physically grueling, it's sure beats sitting on my butt for almost a year trying to find a new job (I had previously worked the Northrock 14 movie theatre in northeast Wichita for 5 1/2 years until it closed this time last year.) My mom though, wants me to find another job because she has been trying to get me on to disability, even though I know I'm not (I do have Pervasive Developmental Disorder, a high functional form of autism, and it has been why I've been unable to be as social as everyone else.) She's insisting that I file three applications per week, and if I fall short, she'll take away everything I have, So I've got my own battle to fight.

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