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Some general observations

Well...IF anyone thinks the Nucks fans complain about the reffing in the NHL, they obviously haven't visited the Leaf's site. Almost 9 out of 10 comments blaming the entire game on the refs!!

The Leafs fans hate Healy far more than Nucks do.

A very Myopic view of the game with hardly a single comment regarding the Nucks players, at least a comment that wasn't about killing someone.

An intolerance for any fans that claim the Leafs were out-played.

Pre-Game comments

"I hate the Canucks so much. We haven't beaten them since 2004. That's two lockouts ago. We need to break this futility streak.

I need this win. I cannot take my Canucks fan brother in law rubbing salt in this wound.

Please Leafs. PLEASE. :P"

"151 "members" on line at the same time, on the Nucks board... (on an off night)

I think we need to step up & call some recruits in here.."

"In Toronto, people prefer to go out and watch the games, not stay home, get high and talk about what could have been. Same story tomorrow night as they watch the Leafs "crush" the Nucks like dried out Ganja."

"Okay... this is a MUST win for me. Living an hour outside of Vancouver NOTHING else matters this season more than the Leafs beating the Canucks tonight.

Should they lose the local Car Burners will be merciless in their taunting. It wouldn't matter even if our team went on to win the Cup this year the Vancouver media headlines would be Canucks beat the Stanley Cup Champions

IF they can't beat 'em on the scoreboard then I would settle for beating them in the alley. A few leaving the game bloodied and humbled would be an ok consolation prize"

"Like I said in another thread we will harpoon us one whale of a win tonight. I say Lou goes down early all night and flops like a orca as usual and Phil and Kadri snipe high and often enough to keep us a comfortable lead all night. Mayray gets the GWG against his former team.

"Hughson in is glory at his home of announcing worship tonight... where's my radio for Joe???"

Game time.

Where are all the people saying that goaltending ISN'T the reason this team is winning???

"For FS why do the refs call these stupid effing weak calls. Why don't the Leafs start and move their feet in their own end, it could be 3-0 now if it was not for Reimer. We are passing ot to Vancouver as much as we are to our own guys. C'mon Leafs you can do better than this"

"Time for the trainers to pass around the smelling salts"

"Goaltending is the only reason this team is winning"

"The Sedins have faces that you just want to see crunched. 2nd and 3rd rattiest faces in the NHL, right behind #1 ratboy Marchand. "

Burrows/Kessel fight

"Kessel should not be getting engaged with a little $H!T like him

"Orr or Maclaren should assault him the way Emery did Holtby, he did not get suspended for that either"

"Kessel' lucky to still have his digits... Burrows is looking hungry tonight"

"Looks like we have to beat the refs again tonight"


Lupul went for a dirty head shot, and got our own guy, I hope he can not getting suspended for that :P"

"Saw that. Not even a PEEP by the commentators... Think I might mute CBC and turn on the radio instead. Someone even mentioned right at the start that the Sedin line has so many calls for them, and rarely a call against.

Don't give AF, I wish injury upon them."

"Not terrible. Our boys actually looked pretty good for stretches."

"Sedin cross checks ranger to the back of the head from behind into the boards...... not a penalty ranger nudges his man into the boards, penalty."


Canucks are going globe trotter on our a$$e$.

One of these days the goalie is going to have an off night and i won't be surprised if some team puts up a 9 spot on us. Just terrible. "

"If Torts keeps double and triple shifting the Sedins, we can maybe get them tired."

"Rielly plays the puck, Raymond turns his back on the play"

"scumbag kassian and refs"

"Well that's it for me 3-0 I am gonna go back and play my game on ps3 Go kick some asset's in gta 4 cause It appear's I was correct a lost thanks refs for allowing your favorite team canucks to win because you don't know how to call a game properly."

"Let's Go Raptors"

"With reffing like this it is kind of easy to see how disheartened the Leafs are playing. Just brutal calls and blatant non calls. Hughson lives near the building in Vancouver and how can't you tell how happy both of these guys are happy Vancouver is winning.."

"Healey salivates at games like these... Really gives him a chance to belittle the Leafs. Sure he throws in the odd bun, but this burger is all patty with him.

Thanks for that little rant about "Canada's best team" Heals, very informative."

Response to ^^^"Vancouver is a better team......"

"It's not the location. We just can't beat the Canucks. Thank god they're in the West."

"what a garbage classless win by the canucks! They first take out our best player for 5 minutes(Kessel), We should have beat burrows to a pulp!!!, Then some other goof wants to make Phaneuf fight, so we have our 2 best players off. Then they injure Bolland!

First star for the canucks? The refs!!!!"

"Next time we play these losers we punch them all out!!!"

"Leafs toughness this year is non existence"

"Its not all the Refs fault tonight even when they are even strength the leafs are no match for the Canucks. They are simply a better team at this point.

My only negative question tonight is what exactly is Clarkson supposed to do for this team and when do you think it is going to happen?"

"More brilliant insight on kadri by healey... Someone shoot deflect a puck into this guys face already"

"I don't think Vacouver is the better team at all!. They have one line!!! And a shaky goaltender. Man if we played the Kessel line as much as the Sedin;s line? Kessel would reach 60 goals!"

Response to ^^ "Outcoached?"

"So being honest enough to admit that another team in the league is better means i'm not aloud to be a fan?

You're all juvenile if you actually believe Toronto is an elite team in this league. Puck posession teams will always dominate a team that never has the puck. It's basic common sense."

response to ^^^

"I don't come here to hear this crap, does anyone know where I can go to talk about the leafs and not run into people like this?"


"Considering the Canucks have 1 goal on a weak penalty (nice play though), a goal when Bolland was down and play should have been stopped, a goal on deflection, got nothing on a 5 on 3 and have been helped by the Donkeys all game ...

You think there's enough to say they're a better team?

You've already been told where the Canuck forums are if we're too juvenile for you ..."

"Wait...you're blaming this on the refs?

Come on Cheeser, you're better than that."

"PJ Stock wishes he could explode into Kevin Weekes... ;)

The boathouse was the time PJ! The boathouse! "

"The game. And since I'm not a petulant child, I can see that my team is getting dominated. Sure, I haven't liked some calls, but those calls aren't what is causing this domination. "

"When was the last time the Leafs beat the Canucks? The refs have been bad for the past 10 years...it must be!!!!!!"

"Wow the leafs were totally outclassed tonight. Reffing was a little 1 sided but Vancouver was the far better team. Dissapointing"

"My prediction - the Leafs put up a lot more shots in the next game, maybe two. Then go back to getting outshot"

"It's easy to get outshot when you play most of the game short handed!"

Response to ^^^

"Good try but they got outshot 30-13 at 5v5."

"The Leafs stopped trying because they knew the refs were against them tonight"

Response to ^^^

"whatever helps you sleep tonight"

"Burrows asked Kessel if he wanted to go, Kessel coulda skated away if he wanted to. Burrows got Kessel to take the bait, smart play on Burrows behalf, He will take that trade all day"


"Nah we lost our will to play because we knew that the officiating was garbage. We got a penalty for every little thing. Kessel was flaming mad for the first two periods. Like \I said. If we punched out the Henrik Sedin and got him ejected for 5 minutes it would have been a different game."

Response to above

"Strange, I simply saw us getting out worked, out played and for a change, we actually lost one we deserved to lose."


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Some pretty crappy comments in there. Different from what I've seen in past threads like this.

It is not a very rational group as a whole and the vitriol towards the Nucks is really surprising. to be fair, a lot of the ugly comments were from a hard-core, rabid group.

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"I need this win. I cannot take my Canucks fan brother in law rubbing salt in this wound".

:bigblush: hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhhahahahahahahaha!!!!!

I have the oposite situation, my brother in law is a Leafs fan. can´t wait till make tons of jokes on him!!!!! :lol:

the "Beliefs" fans thought they have a chance? what a ride hein? :emot-parrot:

next time stop with the cocaine beliefs and you might have a chance againts us.... :towel: :towel: :towel: :towel:

:canucks: :canucks:

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Another great job , DIB!

Looks like many despise us as much as many do them out here. No surprise there!

Like this ...

"I hate the Canucks so much. We haven't beaten them since 2004. That's two lockouts ago. We need to break this futility streak."

Interesting reaction to the best team in Canada comment. It certainly HASN'T been the Leafs.

They definitely no likey the refs!

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First, I didn't hear CBC say the Sedins get calls for but not against and if they did say that it was a blatant lie. Hank has 7 minors (the same as Phaneuf) and Danny has 6 minors and a misconduct. Hardly not getting any calls against them. If anything, they get calls for the things other players do to them!

Second, the calls were disproportionate tonight because the play was disproportionate. Our team showed up, theirs didn't. It's as simply as that. And so far this the season they received 51 PPs in their 15 games (including 4 tonight) for an average of 3.4 PPs per game, while we have received only 52 (including 9 tonight) in 16 games for an average of 3.25 PPs per game. Before tonight's game, our PP/g was a measly 2.87 while theirs was 3.36. So, boohoo you had one game were you were badly outplayed and took a lot of stupid penalties as a direct result. Talk to me when you get shortchanged 25-10 over the course of 4 games, making it one of the largest disparities in playoff history!

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Carlyle teams are as undisciplined as they get. The difference between TO and Anaheim is that TO doesn't have Getzlaf and Perry (along with Selanne, Pronger, Niedermayer, McDonald etc.) so they're not controlling enough of the play.

Kessel wasn't all that effective tonight, but it looked like only he and JVR were interested in getting a goal.

But honestly, once Bolland went down, that changed the game very, very much.

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