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Luongo all-time shutouts

Del Rio

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After tonight's shutout Lu is approaching a milestone. With his 64th career shutout, he is just 2 away from tying Patrick Roy's career of 66 and 3 away from Roy Worters(whoever that is) of 67.

So basically 4 away from 13th all-time. You think he does it and when? Honestly didn't think he would already have 2 in the first month, but I think he ties Roy within a month or so.

This has no doubt been Lu's best Oct as a Canuck since 06-07, you can just see it in his play. Now we are done with Oct, where stats were not great although he has been solid. Stats getting up there now too, close to top 10 in GAA although SV % isn't as high because we haven't given up many shots.

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With the talent our team has and now with a defensive minded shot blocking coach, Luongo could end up with 90+ shutouts in his career.

Doesn anyone remember how often Luongo would sit on a game with minutes left for a shutout under AV only to have the team collapse and allow a goal?

Top 5 all time?

I think Luongo will finish top 3 in wins shutouts easily by careers end if he keeps his play up over the next 4-5 years and our team stays competitive

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Depending on how many more years he remains in Vancouver and if all relationships are mended, I could see #1 totally being retired in Vancouver.

There's NO question it will be

The bigger question will be when does he get into the HHOF.

And yes he deserves to be in there by the numbers by the end of his career

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