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Need a quick tip for Photoshop CS5


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Hey guys, my first time posting in this section of CDC. I do venture in to here all the time because you guys are very talented and I like looking at the different things you create.

I just had a quick question. I used to photoshop all the time but haven't in about a year and a half.

I have a picture of me shaking hands with someone, and there is a third person who happened to be in the background which ruins the picture. Is there anyway I could "erase" this third person from the photo but have the image appear as if he was never there in the first place? Like have the background stay the same color as the rest of the image, not a big colored spot which hilights where there was an erasing done.

Thanks guys.

If it is easier for you to do yourself than explain it, I can PM you because it's a personal picture and don't want to post it in public. Thanks!

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