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B.C. school bans kindergarteners from touching each other

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B.C. school bans kindergarteners from touching each other

CTV British Columbia

Published Monday, November 4, 2013 10:09PM PST

Last Updated Monday, November 4, 2013 10:12PM PST

A Langley elementary school has banned kindergarten students from touching each other at recess, a policy some parents think is both unnecessary and unworkable.

Mom Julie Chen said she was shocked when she received a letter sent home with Coghlan Fundamental Elementary students on Friday outlining the new hands-off rule.

“I can’t imagine little kids not being able to hug each other or help each other on the playground,” Chen told CTV News. “No tag, no hugging, no touching at all.”

The letter blames the ban on playground injuries that have resulted from games and other forms of hands-on play during recess.

It calls on parents to talk to their children about the ban and encourage them to play imaginary games that don’t involve fighting.

“We will have a zero-tolerance policy with regards to hands-on play, resulting in the missing of playtime and trips to the office for those who are unable to follow the rules,” it reads.

School district spokesman Ken Hoff said Coghlan Fundamental was simply responding to parents’ complaints about rough play during recess, and that students won’t be severally penalized for slipping up.

“It wasn’t meant to be an instantaneous situation where the hammer is just going to drop if a child touches another child,” Hoff said. “I think what it was meant to convey is we are taking the issue seriously.”

Hoff said the school intends to start from a zero-touching approach and gradually reintroduce appropriate playground behaviour.

Parents like Chen feel it’s still too extreme.

“I get that kids have to have rules but at some point, where do we draw the line?” she said. “I am not going to tell my daughter she can’t touch her friends at school. I am going to teach her boundaries.”


Maybe they should call on parents to encourage them to play with imaginary friends too? This is beyond stupid, and so incredibly lazy. Perhaps the concerned parents should invest in bubbles for their precious snowflakes, lest they scratch a knee at recess.

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Forget the rules set in place, you'd have to a complete idiot to send your child to a educational institution that values inhibiting social interactions between children. Because let's face it Pre-School- Highschool is a joke curriculum wise. The whole basis of elementary school is to learn how to deal and interact with others. Someone crucial in 90% of jobs and work places.

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Sounds like something we hear coming out of the US.

But I am supportive of this rule, it will keep the cooties from spreading through any skin to skin contact among boys and girls.

im probably the only kid ever who liked having cooties. i was the kid who had the best lunches with goodies and stuff and it kept other kids away from me

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This is getting out of hand.

When I was in kindergarten some kid ran up to me and slapped me in the face. Totally random. No reason. I laugh about it now. And did he turn into a bad apple? NO. He is one of my best friends and a teacher.

You need to play as a kid. Touching is part of that.

They need to learn about boundary. Not cut them off all together.

It's like we are going out of our way to raise wiener kids. Maybe with enough of this 'men' will come out hairless instead of having to wax to get that smooth bald man chest going.

Climb a tree, eat some dirt, poke your friend, throw dodgeballs at each other.

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I don't know the specifics but it sounds like the kids were told they shouldn't rough-house on the playground and did anyways so this is a short-term "consequence" in response to continually not listening. Unfortunately the school system has failed this lady previously so she can't read and is freaking out and her solution is getting the media sent to her children's school. I suppose she's better than her friends who couldn't be bothered to read the notice at all.

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