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Students don't care if 'white poppy' offends vets 917

By Daniel Proussalidis,Parliamentary Bureau

First posted:

Monday, November 04, 2013 02:27 PM EST

| Updated: Tuesday, November 05, 2013 07:08 AM EST





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OTTAWA - A handful of university students have hopped aboard the left-wing Rideau Institute's "white poppy" campaign for Remembrance Day, promoting their pacifist ideology by piggybacking on the Royal Canadian Legion's red poppy campaign.

"Young people don't want to celebrate war," Celyn Dufay of the University of Ottawa said. "We want to work for peace."

With the imposing National War Memorial in the background, Dufay unveiled a pin Monday he and a gaggle of activists will distribute through the week.

The pin puts the Rideau Institute's "I Remember for Peace" slogan on a white poppy - a controversial symbol that has earned the ire of the Royal Canadian Legion in the past.

The legion's Bill Maxwell, secretary of the poppy remembrance committee, said Dufay and the Rideau Institute have misunderstood Remembrance Day symbols.

"The red poppy is a symbol of sacrifice," Maxwell said. "It's not a glorification of war."

Maxwell also said Canadians overwhelmingly support the red poppy, with 18 million of them being worn this year.

Dufay hopes to distribute about 2,500 white poppy pins, including at the national Remembrance Day ceremony next week.

Maxwell said Dufay's move won't go over well with Canadian veterans.

"I don't think they'd be very pleased," he said. "I think they may even take it personally. I'm sure they would."

Even if the pin offends veterans, Dufay said he'll continue to distribute it.

"We can't account for other people's feelings, however, no one has a monopoly over Remembrance Day," he said.


I understand these folks want to promote peace but the way there doing it is pathetic and quite frankly an embarassment. Have some respect for war veterans who fought and died so all of us could be alive in the great nation of Canada you extreme left wing hacks.

I am a liberal by nature and even lean slightly left but this movement is so disrespectful, so pathetic that I cant justify these extreme lefties.

Goes to show that the left side has crazies too. What a joke

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I'm on the fence about this. The reason I wear the poppy only on the day of Nov. 11 is to pay my respect to the sacrifices of the veterans but I can't shake it out of my head that they have done things at war that are absolutely despicable under normal circumstances.

It doesn't feel right to celebrate that and its really hard to draw the line between respect and accepting the violence they committed. After all, on the other side there were men who also left their families and made the ultimate sacrifice and they villified. I don't know, this is complicated.

Without these peoples sacrifices we arn't living in Canada and theres a lot bigger issues to fry. It really isn't that complicated.

Ya, I agree war in this day and age has lost its true meaning and the sacrifices which were made in WW I and WW II are 1000 times more meaningfull than whats going on in Afghanistan right now but the way I have always viewed Remembrance day is that we remember for those who made sacrifices for our country especially in WWI and WWII.

And honestly, even the folks fighting in the meaningless wars are taking a lot of risk and sacrificing themselves for what politicians view as the betterment of the country.

Just a bunch of immature extremely idealized extreme left wing folks that do not understand the magnitude of their actions. As a moderate person that leans slightly left I am ashamed to hold a similar fundamental ideology with these morons today

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They should send those students and the Rideau institute to Groesbeek, Dieppe or Bény-sur-Mer. They should spend some time amongst the graves of the thousands of young soldiers that gave their lives.

I've been to Groesbeek. I spent hours just reading the names, ages and home towns of the men that are buried there. I was only 14 at the time, but that one afternoon gave me an entirely new perspective on things.

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No one hates war more than those who fought!

The red poppy is to remember the sacrifices made by those willing to pay with their lives so that these "white poppy" pacifists didn't have to live under Nazi rule.

The lack of respect is alarming!

My father fought in WW II and I lost an uncle in the Korean War. 53 years after fighting in Europe, I took dad back to the gravesites of his comrades. After all that time, he collapsed in tears.

These pathetic excuses for "peace lovers" turn my stomach!!

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Since when does the red poppy glorify war in any way?

Sure there might be some warhawk wingnuts out there that use it to promote violence, but the intended message is simply to remember those who died.

To use a silly analogy, it's like them designing a new Calgary Flames logo because the original doesn't have enough flames on it.

Sounds like they're just creating an issue out of nothing in order to make a political statement.

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I am going to give these kids a very small benefit of the doubt because they are young and still have much to learn; namely, not everything needs to be made into something political.

Remembrance Day is not about the politics of war, it's not about anyone's personal political beliefs, and it most definitely isn't about themselves as individuals, it's about the men and women who sacrificed themselves for all of us to be here.

I, for one, do wear a poppy, and it's red, and I hate war in every way.

Word from the wise for the white poppy wearers: Sam Harris once talked about pacifism, using Gandhi as an example when he stood up to the British. He said (paraphrasing): "Of course it worked, Gandhi knew it would work because it was against the British during the period that it was, but I'd like to see you try that against Hitler."

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so much lack of respect is really alarming.....

i also noticed alot of people don't wear the poppies anymore...except for older generations...

and :picard: :picard: :picard: regarding the red poppies celebrating war.....its not like we pop champagnes on nov 11....

i thought we use red poppies because of the red poppies that grow between the the crosses in flander fields or something like that???

we remember those that sacrificed their lives for a better life for others....not to celebrate war....maybe thats why its called REMEMBRANCE DAY...........duhhhh....

seriously wonder what they teach in school nowadays....absolute garbage

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My Grandpa spent 60 years walking with a cane thanks to nazi shrapnel in his hip. SIXTY years. British infantry in North Africa, Italy and Greece. many of his buddies never made it back home. Its about the sacrifice.

You want to be a pacifist, fine. But how does that work when your home is being bombed? He was born and lived in London so the war wasnt an abstract notion like Iraq and Afghanistan today. He wasnt fighting for an ideal. He was fighting for his home, his wife and children. Literally.

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