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The Humble Bundle

Rick Grimes

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dannng wush I was a pc gamer right now... nice deal

They should do this for ps3

They do some Multi-Platform deals to.(I don't think they can do consoles because of Microsoft & Sony's Craziness)

I've seen IOS, Android, Mac, Linux, - As well as PCs. The last deal they did was a Multi-Platform deal, with pretty much all of the games being playable on any of the platforms I mentioned.

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Can someone sort of explain to me in detail how this works? You buy any game for $1? Or just the special games of the week?

Basically you pay what you want (although I think $1 is a minimum) but you get a bundle of games for the amount that you pay. Usually there are additional games that can be 'unlocked' by paying more than the average which is around $5-6. So if you just want the basic bundle then pay $1-5 and if you want the full bundle then pay $5+ (Humblebundle sets the average that must be paid). Additionally you can set who you want the money to go to. Developers/Charity/Tip to Humble Bundle. Cool concept if you ask me. Btw, thanks to the OP for telling me about this. Had no idea prior and picked up a couple bundles already.

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Love this. After EA made it clear that they only intend to milk every cent out of every gamer they can I started to stop caring for gaming but stuff like this made me happy. Entertainment for a noble cause over greed.

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