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I'd argue that the best villains don't come off as clear cut bad guys. I think shreds of humanity make villains more dynamic.

only sometimes! context matters!

Mr Burns has minimal humanity, but what makes him such a great villain (and infinitely better than most of the trash in this contest) is how OTHER dynamic characters are forced to deal with that unwavering cruelty

The exact opposite of that would be the Star Wars universe. so many dynamic, three-dimensional characters, but most of them just seem sort of boring at the same time, because the story is so self-contained and technically perfect. Each character is just an easy-to-recognize face of some aspect of the plot. Makes for a good story, but does it make the characters interesting as individuals? ehh, not really IMO. and that's coming from a former big-time Star Wars nerd. Honestly, this probably also explains why so many secondary characters in Star Wars are so popular; it's because they don't necessarily reflect something so clear-cut. Like Vader and Luke are easy to place, while Greedo is interesting because, well, who the hell is Greedo?

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