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Question about broadcasts


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I posted this a few times in the GDT's and such, but didn't get the answers through there, so I'll try it this way.

So far I haven't been able to come up with a better topic title, hope this is clear enough...

I have had a digital cable television provider, in use for 2-3 years now. It shows movies the same way Netflix does, and has every NHL game, regular season and playoffs and works really well. It has all the different broadcasts, from CBC, FOX, MSG, TSN etc.

As I've posted now and then, on most nights when you in north america have commercial breaks and in between periods-shows, I get the live sounds from the commentators and interviewers as they stand by looking silly, waiting for players to arrive for interviews.

They usually plan what they are going to say when the broadcast resumes and during intermissions they run the clips and rewind taps of goals etc. It's usually quite entertaining to see and hear what goes on behind the scenes.

The most disturbing discussions so far have been during the "Pavel Bure" -game vs. Toronto.

There the duo upstairs talked about Gino Odjick, about wether he was drunk or not, when choosing the outfit he had on him for the ceremony.

The question is, does anyone else have this 'issue'?

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What the Hell? Do you have this recorded or PVR'd? Or can you replay this somehow and record it?

I had a member here asking about it via PM earlier. But no, I don't. Sorry.

It can't be recorded. It comes with NHL GameCenter, so you can watch the games later too, but I doubt it has the breaks there in their recaps.

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Quite an accusation... did anyone else hear this?

Hughson and Simpson ?

It was not an accusation, I just said what I heard. I have nothing to gain by making up stuff like that.

Can't remember it word-to-word, but it was like:

- Did you see Gino?

- Yeah!

- Was he drunk or something?

- I would probably have picked a different outfit.

- Well he dresses himself. He's a grown man.

A few sentences in between are probably missing, but essential this was said. And it's not being pulled out of context. Just can't remember every word.

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