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[GM] Gettin' Gilli With It - TEAM1040 - 11/7/13 - 12:45PM


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Biggest reasons haven't beat SJ: Weren't ready during playoffs. Other games were hard fought, couldn't catch a break.

Match up with SJ: They're a strong team. A couple of PPGs can end the streak.

Goal tending and how you play makes the difference not agitators.

Gotten more accustomed to what John wants. As we continue, our game will improve. PP was more deliberate in the beginning of the season. We've done enough to generate enough PP's. Numbers indicate we should be receiving more PPs than we've gotten.

David Booth's reaction was fine. He understands he was more than willing to get back into game form - conditioning and timing.

Local owners of AHL teams would sign 5-8 players and want them playing. NHL GMs would want their own players playing. They're been trying to buy a team for 5 years.

Still concerned about Manny playing. He has expressed his concern on multiple occasions. Wish him all the best!

The ceremony went really well. Pat Quinn's reception, Gino, and Pavel were well done. Pavel was very pleased! Toronto fans weren't that pleased ='(

GMMG is not part of the selection committee by design. Committee of 3 very experienced people who shall remain nameless.

Cole's moving up the depth chart. got grit and plays hard. Learning how to finish and how to make plays. Bo Horvat has played really well. Hunter had a set back but he's playing well. Jensen just got back and he's playing well. Management is very pleased with the direction they're going in.

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Gonna talk about booth. how happy he is seeing the numbers horvat,cassels and shinkaruk put up. Gonna talk about how he likes the full game Jensen plays (maybe a call up). gonna talk sedin+ kesler line. Gonna say how happy he is with luongo and Lacks play so far. Happy with torts. Looking to get younger and bigger. gonna talk bure. this is what I think he will be talking about. and I bet he says process regarding booth.

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