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Bestbuy/Futureshop deal.


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This? So basically ANY 360/PS3/Wii game for one of the choices? Or does it have to have to be $60 value?

It says there is NO minimum value.

So it looks like you could trade in NHL 07 and get one of the games

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I have been looking around to see if it is fake but has been confirmed by store twitter accounts and everything.

Goodbye XBOX 360 Saw (dumbest purchase ever) Hello AC4!

One per customer though, so bring some little siblings or something, I am bringing my bro and girlfriend so I can get all 3.

Also: Your welcome :P

Edit: If any of you are buying the next generation consoles; you can do the same thing and pay an additional 10 dollars and get the game on the new system instead.

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i picked out 7 games essentially i could trade in for one of these over a course of 3 days i could probably end up with 1 of each for either PS3 or Wii U then sell the other 4 make some money

I think the site says you can't get the pc version, kinda bummed.

just noticed that sucks but i got a plan hopefully if it works to buy the games i want on PC and some extra cash for Wii U games

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I'd be livid if I spent 70 bucks on one of those games already

I limit myself to 2 games a year max. If I can turn the games I bought in 2007 and 2008 into 3 brand new games and also not buy a new console, I think it works out in my favor for my limited video game enthusiasm.

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