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Bringing Kane Home

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Kane is the perfect player for this team. He's young, big, feisty, scores goals, hits and he's from Vancouver. So I started to think what it would take to get Kane from Winnipeg and they would probably need someone who has little star power in return. Someone they can market well to the Winnipeg people. I think that we only have one player like that that doesn't have red hair and have a twin brother. Here it is.

To Winnipeg:

Ryan Kesler

To Vancouver:

Evander Kane

I really think this is an even deal. Although Kesler is the more established and better player, Kane's age evens out the difference in value. Kesler is 29 and Kane is 22. It's often said that Kane is very arrogant and is a "cancer" in the locker room. I don't think so. Although he does seem arrogant, arrogance doesn't mean he doesn't play well with others. Look at Kesler, he's as arrogant as they come but he's calmed by the leadership among our team. I think our team could have the same effect on Kane, also he's from Vancouver and hometown boys always seem to play better when they come home. We do give up a lot but we gain a lot. We'd have Kesler beast mode for 3-4 more years and after that he's start to decline because of his style of play. Kane is on the up. Would you do it?

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Why would a bottom-feeding player trade away their best young player for a guy in his prime? Why would Vancouver do this trade?

Crap proposal.

Because Kesler is a selke winning center who can also play wing and would be 1c on Winnipeg. Because Kane is a perfect fit for our team. Both players in this trade would benefit the team receiving them. As well as tensions are high between Kane and the coach Noel, Kane practically threw him under the bus and usually when that happens it doesn't go down too well for the player, insert Canucks trade.











Both teams look better with this trade.

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Would never happen. Kane is the closest thing Winnipeg has to a franchise player. Bottom line is kesler is too old for this trade and just doesn't fit their team build. also I doubt Kes would waive his ntc for Winnipeg....

He's also the closest player to demanding a trade unless Winnipeg fires the coach. Unstable times in Winnipeg. Winnipeg is closer to Michigan which = closer to Kesler's family.

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Better chance of edler++ for kane but i would LOVE to get him. He has said before that he wants to be the star of a team and he grew up a canucks fan. You could use a player with swagger to lead you in a long playoff run and fire up the team.. (P kane last year). He is an ideal fit but would cost the farm. Im thinking Edler, Burrows, 1st would be enough to pry evander from wpg. Edler to help on D, burrows as a replacement of offensive production and a late first-rounder.




Thats a pretty stacked D-Core imo

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Great insight. Can you be bothered to further elaborate your reasons as to why you think this would "never" happen?

Sure as others have said Kane is far too valuable to the Jets to trade and even if they were looking to move him they would want more than Kesler. To top that off I doubt Keser waives his NTC to go to Winnipeg

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So you make a proposal and then shoot down everyone's opinion???

Kane would look great but its not plausible.

U think kes would waive his ntc to go to the jets to play with his best friend Ladd???

U think the jets would trade their young budding star player that they drafted??


Haha did I hurt your feelings bud? All I did was give an argument against people's opinions, if you think I shot them down, I guess that means you think I'm right? :lol: Look all I did was give a simple rebuttal, if you perceive that as "shooting down" others opinions then you're a hyper-sensitive person. Now to business, if you looked further into the situation, tensions are very high between Winnipeg and Kane, think Hodgson high. Kane doesn't like the coach, the GM likes the coach, sound similar? Ask yourself what happened to Hodgson... Of course Kes has an NTC but if we asked him to waive it and we say he's no longer in our plans anymore, odds are he'll waive it, he may need some convincing but if a player feels unwanted then most of the time he'll want out.

Sure as others have said Kane is far too valuable to the Jets to trade and even if they were looking to move him they would want more than Kesler. To top that off I doubt Keser waives his NTC to go to Winnipeg

Thank you for stating your opinion on the matter! Kane is just as valuable as Kesler. Kesler is an accomplished player. Look at the Seguin-Eriksson deal. A young future superstar for a very talented player in his prime. I'm using this deal as precedent because they're very similar don't you think? Say what you want about NTC's but I'm of the belief that they're not as secure as you think. If a GM wants you to go somewhere, odds are you'll end up there.

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This trade makes no sense for either team. As someone already said vancouver lacks depth at center so whywould we trade away out 2nd best one. Also the reason the Ericsson defying deal worked is because Boston was a team looking to win now and Dallas is a rebuilding team so the deal makes sense while in this trade the rebuilding team gets the established player and the team trying to make a run gets a young potential superstar. Kesler wont waive his NTC players get NTC's usually because they have a family who likes living in the city why would Kesler want to go to Winnipeg, sure it is closer to his home town but that doesn't mean much that's like saying elder would waive his NTC to go to New York because it's closer to Sweden. In short both teams and Kesler say no

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