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SOTW #128

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- Freestyle


- Sig must be within board limits (400x200).

- Sig must be under two weeks old.

- No animations/video sigs.

- No collaborations.

- Sig must be entered in the Showcase.


- Sigs must be in on FRIDAY (November 15th). (this gives us time to get polls up)

- Voting goes on through the weekend, whoever the winner is on MONDAY morning will be declared that week's winner.

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IMO, last weeks winner should pick the theme. It would create a little more variety and force people to do something different. Just my opinion. :)

I've noticed whenever there is a theme, then there is low number of people participating. We barely got 5 entries (the minimum) during the Pavel Bure week. It was only 4 entries that were entered and one member submitted his in late that then I decided to take in because of the low number. But I'll try this for next week and see how it goes. :)

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