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[VIDEO] Kadri Runs Over Backstrom. Also Clobbers Granlund...


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What the hell was he thinking??? Not only does he run into the goalie unprovoked and untouched, he tries to dive to pretend he was pushed in even though there's no defenseman near him.

That's the same kind of antics the Leafs tried to pull here in Vancouver. Typical Randy Carlyle team; cheap shot artists and divers.

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I know it's different then the Edler on Smith suspention last season but if Edler got suspended for hitting Smith in the back out of his net. This better be a suspention.

Head shot on a unsuspecting goalie in his crease. It SHOULD be a similar suspention to what Edler got but this is Shannahans NHL so I doubt it gets punished as harshly. My guess is a game.

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