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Do YOU think Bieksa can make Team Canada?


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Watchin' TSN. They had the ol' Quiz. One question was who of these 4 players could be a dark horse for team Canada?



couple of Laffs...

Now, since this is Canucks talk, I don't particularly care about Ladd or either Laff player, so let's focus on Bieksa, shall we?

What do y'all think? Can Bieksa make Team Canada this year?

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i don't think so. but before this was brought up, remember how Hamhuis was in the running? I think Bieksa has played better than Hamhuis at this point in the season

I think Hamhuis has had to take a step away from a system he's been stuck playing for a very long time. From the trap in Nashville and Vancouver, to the higher tempo -- I'd almost call it run-n-gun -- system that Torts is employing. Additionally, you can tell Torts has changed the way our 5-man unit covers the ice in our own zone.

I think in the long run, Hamhuis will adjust and will be better for it. However, for now, I agree that Bieksa has outplayed him to this point. Bieksa has been our best D-man this year.

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:lol: Hey, you gotta give me props for one thing, here!

I got 5 consecutive responses of different posters who agree with each other! ON CDC! WOO :towel: lol

I usually get too lazy to look up what the speculated rosters are at any given time. But it's still neat to think that Bieksa's been playing good enough for that though to cross a mind, at least for a split second.

... will Edler play on Sweden?

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