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[Report] Oilers offered Flyers deal at the Draft


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3 2nd round picks for Cobourn would be fair value wise, but Philly can't afford to lose him without getting a good defenceman to replace him.

And this is why I can't begin to understand why people in here think the Jets would trade Kane for Edler. Aside from the fact Kane is worth more value wise, they don't need a defenseman, but a forward to take the place of Kane. Jeez.

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Why do teams have such a hard on for Brayden Coburn? He isn't that great is he?

He is far from a true number 1 but when complementing a true top 1 he is pretty damn good. Still even without he isn't that bad. He is just prone to having moments every now and then where he makes a massive bonehead mistake which most flyers fans respond by wanting him traded for a bag of rocks.

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