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Andy Kaufman: Brother Claims Comedian Faked His Own Death


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Legendary comedian passed away on May 16, 1984 — or did he? Michael Kaufman, Andy’s brother, made a bizarre claim at an awards ceremony that Andy faked his own death — and also announced that Andy had a 24-year-old daughter, as well! Read on for more shocking details.

Andy Kaufman passed away at the age of 35 from cancer — but at the Andy Kaufman Awards in NYC on Nov. 11, Andy’s brother, Michael Kaufman, gave a speech and ended it with a claim that he discovered a letter from Andy that said he planned to pull off faking his own death. Andy also allegedly said that he was in love with a woman and they were raising a daughter together — and the night got even more strange when Michael welcomed a girl onstage who said she was the daughter from the letter!

Andy Kaufman: Brother Claims Comedian Faked Death & Has A Daughter

In Michael’s closing speech, he stated that he received a letter from Andy by way of having to mysteriously go to a certain restaurant in 1999 and then received another letter from an anonymous person, which is the one he referenced at the awards.

“Everything was great in his life and he just wanted to get away from being Andy Kaufman,” Michael said. He also claimed that the Taxi comedian was raising a daughter with a woman he loved — and at that point, the daughter mentioned in the letter was brought onstage.

The young woman said that Andy was secretly a stay-at-home dad now, and was planning on coming out of hiding after 29 years to shock the crowd — but ultimately backed out.

What’s so strange is that the comedian, known for having many alter egos as referenced in his biographical film starring Jim Carrey, Man on the Moon, was known to speak about faking his own death before he was pronounced dead!

Andy Kaufman: Spoke About Faking His Death Before He Died

“I witnessed the entire thing and I can tell you without a doubt this was not a prank,” Al Parinello, a friend of Andy’s (and the award show’s producer) told the Hollywood Reporter.

Andy reportedly told many friends throughout his life that he wanted to fake his own death, which has made death hoax rumors swirl about him since his death.

He has one known daughter, Maria Bellu-Colonna, who was born out of wedlock to Andy and his high-school girlfriend, and was placed for adoption.

How strange! Do YOU think that Andy faked his own death, HollywoodLifers? Let us know.

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What makes it believable with Andy is his weird humour. He never thought of himself as the comedian but thought his audience was and it was your job to entertain him. Especially with his lounge singer alter ego and getting you to sing along to children's songs with no punchline to the joke in sight.

He's the kind of guy that would do this sort of thing buy saying that I am pretty sure he is dead. Just for fun.... wouldn't that be the ultimate jape our lifetimes?

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I'm skeptical. It would be a massive psych to his family and friends. Not to mention the chances of being alive in or around Hollywood while being dead at the same time are near nil [citation needed] with the way the press is.

Having said that, Jim Carrey absolutely nailed Andy Kaufman in Man on the Moon. That movie, combined with The Truman Show, confirmed to me that Carrey could act outside of Dumb and Dumber.

Anyways, back to Andy:

Part 1 of 4

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Andy Kaufman's brother now believes he was the victim of a hoax

By Jake Perlmanon Nov 14, 2013 at 7:33PM


Image Credit: Ron Galella/WireImage

Sorry, comedy fans, it looks like Andy Kaufman is still dead.

Andy’s brother Michael Kaufman told CNN that he now believes he was the victim of a hoax involving a letter from his brother and a young woman claiming to be Andy’s daughter. On Monday, Kaufman invited the young woman onstage at the closing night of the Andy Kaufman Award contest in New York City. In a video from the event, the woman claims that her father was still alive and just wanted to be a stay-at-home dad and out of the spotlight. Audience members were shocked by the announcement and immediately began questioning the authenticity of the claims.

“I’m still trying to process it all,” Michael told CNN on Thursday. “There were articles that came out today that have forwarded the action, but regardless, I’m questioning things as much as you and everybody else is. … I believe that I am part of the hoax. I don’t believe that she’s acting on her own though. That’s all I know.”

Many now believe that the young woman is actually New York-based actress Alexandra Tartasky and that this was all just one elaborate scheme. The Smoking Gun reported that Tartasky met Michael last year and that he had hired her to be a part of the hoax, a claim Michael denied to CNN.

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Andy Kaufman died in 1984 from lung cancer. But even before his death, some close to the comedian already questioned how he would deal with his afterlife. Longtime friend Dennis Raimondi told CNN that he remembered a conversation in 1980 with Kaufman about the comedian faking his own death one day. ”It’s certainly something he gave a lot of thought to,” Raimondi said Thursday. “One of his concerns at the time was the reaction of his parents. He cared about them.”

It was after Andy and Michael’s father Stanley’s death this past summer that Michael claims the young woman first approached him. However, it has been years of mystery for Michael. He claims that while looking through old writings on Andy’s, he read a line claiming that he would reappear one day, specifically at a restaurant on Christmas Eve 1999. When Michael went to the restaurant, he was given a letter from a parking attendant allegedly from his brother. He read the letter, almost 15 years after receiving it, on Monday night.

“It was too much pressure to be Andy Kaufman. I just wanted to be Andy,” Michael Kaufman read. “I think that’s why I got sick. I had to change completely and quickly. I’m extremely very happily married with the most wonderful wife in the whole wide world and with the two greatest kids: a 10-year-old daughter and a son who is 8.”

That would make his daughter 24 today, born in 1989, five years after Kaufman’s death. Seemingly impossible, Michael still had reasons to believe her. ”She told me a lot of secrets that Andy and I had together, like our secret handshake, the way Andy made fun of me for being too nice of a guy.”

The Los Anegeles coroner’s office re-released Kaufman’s death certificate stating simply, “Andy Kaufman is dead,” in a statement. George Shapiro was Kaufman’s manager and at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles on the day he died. ”Andy’s very much alive in our hearts, but I don’t think his body is around,” Shapiro told CNN. “He died. I was in the hospital.”

Kaufman did have a daughter in his known life, giving her up for adoption when he was only 17. For Michael, the whole thing always seemed a little too good to be true. “I’m still processing it. As Andy’s brother, you learn over the years, you know, to go with the flow, kind of. So I have mixed emotions. I never allowed myself to get too excited, but I was always slightly skeptical.”

Check out the video obtained by TMZ from Monday night:

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Pretty sure that Ain't Goin' to Rehab, No no no, broad faked her whole career, let lone her death.

Stevie Ray and Cobain' are alive. So are Tupac and Biggie. Jimi and Jim are dead though. Their deaths proved that going out young is the way to go.

Cobain just wanted to escape everything, most of all his wife, while Stevie Ray Vaughn was so inspired by Jimi Hendrix that he even faked his own death after building a relatively long library.

Tupac and Biggie's 'murders' will never be solved because they're both still alive. Remember Tupac's creepy hologram? Yeah, that was recorded live. Both knew that they'd make far more easier, non-touring cash if they just faked their own deaths. An elaborate climax to the whole east-west bs studio gangsterism was beautiful.

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