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1st overall pick 2015

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Your knowledge of this team is greatly inept.

Are you an idiot?

No really im not. Three years down the road when we get rid of the Sedins and when Kesler is old and slowing down we really have nothing up and coming too amazing. Having a player like McDavid is that is going to be an absolute superstar first line centre really wouldn't be bad would it? Its better seeing him in Canada then in Columbus or or Florida in a terrible hockey market. So maybe you should just rethink yourself.

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We have to predict which team is going to suck next season and try to get their first round pick under the radar. But it can't be too obvious that they'll probably finish last in the league because their pick will either be very expensive or untouchable. We need to find the dark horse for last in the league and hope they bomb worse than we think they will.

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