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[Proposal] Van - MTL

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I was considering the value of some of the players the Canucks have with NTC/NMC's. I ended up thinking about Burr, and where he might be interested in going. Montreal came to mind. I thought he could add for some + in a Pacioretty - Edler type swap.

So I went onto the Canadiens HF, and sort of came up with something. It's probably going to get some negative response here because it isn't an Edler + Schroeder + Booth for a star/blue chip prospect, but anyways:




To Van:


2013 First (contingent on the Canadiens being an eight seed or missing the playoffs. (i.e. a top 15 pick.)

Dalton Thrower or a 2nd/3rd.

Here's kind of how I value the trade:

Edler > Patches

Burrows < a top 15 pick

Dalton Thrower = throw in.

I feel it's pretty even, but it's not up to the CDC "even" standards.

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Ah, simple typo. You know what I mean. Yeah, he definitely isn't.. but it does offset the Edler for Patches value. I really do feel it's even value. It doesn't help us that much this season because losing Edler is a hit on our d-core. I don't believe Corrado is NHL ready this year.

I didn't get any negative reactions on the Montreal boards when I posted the trade along those lines, and you know that all teams over value their own players.

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Montreal says no. Montreal's only issue in defender is their bottom pairing and it should be much improved with the return of Emelin.

Pacioretty is one of Montreal's few BIG top six forwards who uses his size. This trade doesn't fill a hole for them It creates one.

Burrows is a glorified bottom 6 guy who's numbers are inflated by playing with the twins. He's also on the wrong side of 30.

Thrower is as much a "throw in" as Gaunce would be for Vancouver

Montreal's pick isn't likely to be that high

And finally both Burrows and Edler have NTC's

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I don't believe either team would want to do it. If they had to, the value would be reasonable.

A lot of proposals on these boards don't look past "fair value" and look at what a player means to the team.

With that said, I suck at proposals and usually can't get past even valuating the players properly in the deal.

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