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"Knockout Game" - A Growing Danger


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Teens' 'Knockout Game' a growing danger with deadly results

Published November 17, 2013


A recent string of attacks tied to a dangerous game called “Knockout” -- where unsuspecting residents are targeted and sucker-punched – is being investigated as possible hate crimes.

New York police are looking into the growing trend, WPIX reportsexternal-link.png, after attacks in predominately Jewish neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

The most recent attack was caught on video last week in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, where a group of ten men spotted a man walking alone, punched him and kept moving, according to the station.

But New York is not the only place to see the “Knockout Game” being played out.

In Washington, D.C., Tamera Jackson, 27, told WJLAexternal-link.png that a group of teens on bicycles came up behind her last week as she walked home and one of them punched her in the back of the head before the group sped away, laughing.

“For the fun of it.”

- Teen, speaking of 'Knockout Game'

According to Fox 31 Denverexternal-link.png, similar attacks have occurred in St. Louis and Pittsburgh, where a teacher was knocked out by a 15-year-old as he walked home from school last month. The attack was caught on a security camera video, and the teen was charged with assault.

And in New Jersey, CBS 2 reportsexternal-link.png, video footage shows Ralph Santiago, 46, randomly targeted for knockout by a group of teens. Santiago was later found dead with his neck broken and head lodged between iron fence posts, according to NJ.comexternal-link.png.

Video shows Santiago walking during daytime in an alley, and just as he’s about to pass a pack of teenagers, one launches the fatal, knockout blow.

And what’s the point?

“For the fun of it,” one teen said in the video.

In September, a 13-year-old boy was sentenced to 18 months of confinement for the beating death of a 51-year-old man in upstate New York.

The teen had pleaded guilty to assault and attempted assault, admitting that he started the fatal beating by attempting to knock the man out with a single punch.

The teen said he and his friends were playing a street game called "knockout." His punch apparently had little to no effect, but the follow-up from a 16-year-old boy caused bleeding in the victim's brain, and he died in late May.

The 16-year-old co-defendant was found guilty last month in Onondaga County Family Court of second-degree manslaughter and received the same sentence.

The Associated Press contributed to this report."

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the knockout game has been going on for decades. nothing new.

violent crime has been going down for 30 years though, i wish we'd get to hear a bit more about that.

I've never heard of this game and I was in high school until 2012.

This is an idiots game, how this could be considered fun is just beyond me.

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I wouldn't call the teens who play this game 'idiots'. They know they can get away with it, so it happens, that isn't a sign of lack of intelligence, in fact, it suggests the opposite.

Disrespectful? Harmful? Unnecessary? Absolutely!

Idiotic? Hardly.

A game where the idea is to knock people out with a sucker punch doesnt take much intelligence to pull off. "They know they can get away with it" is part of the idiot part. IF a death or serious injury occurs the chance of getting away with it go way down. Stupid kids cant keep quiet and its only a matter of how far the cops are pursuing the criminals to get an arrest. They dont realize they are facing an assault charge and if over 15 likely conviction as an adult if the person is seriously injured or killed (in the US, In Canada itll be more like 17 for an adult conviction).

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