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Mafia: The Game [Isola Dei Sconosciuta] GAME OVER SIGNUPS OPEN.

Go Faulk Yourself

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Hmmm..This game seems interesting, played a similar style game on a different forum. Is anybody allowed to play or is it invite only?

Sign up the more the merrier

Just add your name to the list

1. Aladeen

2. Intoewsables

3. VICanucksfan5551


5. LTCanucksfanatic

6. King Heffy (As long as we're starting over the weekend)

7. Master Radishes (pls)

8. One one two

9. Kryten

10. OurTimeToShine

11. AT

12. otherwise

13. Burr

14. Peaches

15. kj29

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