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Lou's groin pull?


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No, i'm not a Dr. but i have had a groin pull before and tweaking it here and there is normal. Berto is smart enough not to keep playing and make it worse. Sometimes just a day or 2 off it can be all it takes to get back at it.

I cannot believe i just saw a thread stating "Loungo questionable for the Olies"

Who comes up with this crap? seriously! Luongo had a groin pull before so what happened IS normal but for pete's sake let's not jump to conclusions about how long he will be out let alone that long. (foolishness at it finest)

Side note, i'm sure glad we have Lack as a back up... oh and cue the stupid "we should have kept Shneids threads"


Sarcastic shrug! C'mon, a bit early to be pressing the panic button ok?

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Just hoping this doesn't make his lateral movement even worse. He seems to finally be cutting down on the excessive bellyflopping, which has been a major problem for him since his original groin injury.

yeah pushing off from his right going to his left hes probably the worst in the league.... its night and day difference between what leg he pushes off with... makes highlight reel saves going left to right ... looks like a goon going right to left.... and its clearly all because of that groin
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