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[GDT] WJC - Canada vs Switzerland - Preliminary Round - 9AM PST TSN


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Per Bob Mckenzie, line we're shuffled a little bit, except for the Horvat line, Drouin back at center. Finally, never got why Sutter was so high on Petan. There is a reason everyone else we're 1st rounder and him only a 2nd, even if he has excellent WHL numbers..



No details on other lines

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cant even find a box score for the game ffs.

nice coverage tsn

Yeah, it's freaking horrible. I've been looking at their website ... just nothing. Unfortunately we get TSN here at work but not TSN 2. I can't even find a radio broadcast.

Also, I know I'll get flamed but I'm seriously unimpressed with Drouin. I thought he did next to nothing last year as well that I say which would make me say he's a great player. Other than that I haven't watched him but I sure hope he ramps up quick being that the Sweeden game was his first in about 3 weeks.


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