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[Proposal] Martin Erat

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Martin Erat has top end skill. At 6 foot 195 pounds he has decent size but not too physical. This guy could be the perfect setup man for Kesler with his outstanding playmaking ability.

Much like David Booth is underachieving for us Erat is underachieving for them and has asked for a trade.

You can expect 50 points and 20 goals out of Erat.

So far this season Booth is doing better than Erat as Erat has no goals and is on pace for just 31 points meanwhile booth is on pace for 17 goals and 34 points.

At his best Booth can get 45 points and 25 goals. Not a stretch considering how bad his start to the year was.

Although Booth is doing better he does not fit in as that top 6 forward as he does not have that kind of playmaking skill like he needs when playing with Kesler. Kesler and him don`t have great chemistry together because they are way to similar north-south shoot first type players.

In terms of cap hit Erat has this year and next year left on a 4.5 mil deal

Booth also has this year and next year left on a 4.25 mil deal


To WSH: David Booth + 4th rounder

To VAN: Martin Erat

Washington wants help for their run this year as do we but they don`t want this disgruntled player on their hands.

I truly believe this is a fair deal for both sides and could help Kesler greatly.

Sedin Sedin burr

Higgins Kes erat

If Erat does not fit in well or play like we want, then we could always buy him out in the summer just like we could with Booth except by trading now we are getting help for a position we need help in this year.

This is a much cheaper package going the other way then giving up a first rounder plus whatever for matt moulson or whatever....

I don`t think MG is ready to give away the future for this team this year so this would be a good alternative.

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Need tags or it will get locked

It does say 'proposal' in the title, so it's close. All Threads Must Contain Tags

But OP, welcome to a month ago. At that point Booth was doing very little and just coming back from injuries so people were speculating. At this point he's doing better so with Erat asking out I doubt we offer up an extra pick to make it happen. Erat's been playing better too, and it makes some sense from a hockey perspective, but we aren't going to entice them with extras.

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Erat>booth at passing and puck handling

That passing element is lacking badly outside of the sedins

He will also be key to second pp unit

Up I think the driving the puck to the net and playing physical is lacking throughout the whole line up. What happens every offseason? Sedins begin to play even more perimeter hockey, we get a tone of shots all from the outside and very little goals. Booth is a much needed player on this team if we want any sort of playoff success.

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