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$500000 stone stolen from Vancouver shop


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A thief smashed the front window of a downtown Vancouver store and made off with a rare Canadian gemstone worth half a million dollars, police said.

The 11-inch (279-mm) ammolite gemstone was stolen from Gastown's Rocks and Gems Canada at 313 Water St. around 4 a.m. PT Friday.

The piece is made of fossilized shells of ammonites, the same mineral that makes up pearls.

Ammolite is the official gemstone of Alberta and is considered a Canadian national treasure. Police said an application to the Canadian government must therefore be made for it to be removed from the country.

Anyone with information is asked to call Vancouver police or CrimeStoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

Seriously! A half million dollar rock sitting behind an unguarded glass window! That is way too tempting for a thief! Heck, if I had nothing to lose I'd seriously think about it! I'm curious what their insurance company has to say about it!

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So this isn't something that you can flog via the local pawn shop...wonder what these thieves were thinking?? I imagine some pompous woman sitting on her couch at Christmas with her husband presenting a ring he had made for her...out of this monstrosity. Or a lawn ornament beside a gnome or lion statue or something.

I mean, what do you do with this thing??

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Instead of pointing a finger at the shop owner why not blame the thief? It annoys me that I have to change things I do because of some scum criminal.

Lock my car doors, lock my house, pay for my gas before I get it, leave my personal bag at the counter before getting into a store.

Screw that, catch the criminal and deal with them. Leave me out of it.:(

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