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Why is the bubble butt dance/song so popular especially in Philippines?


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What a bunch of skanks

Its funny that in North America they would label the girls doing these types of dance, skanks but in this predominantly Roman Catholic country, they see this dance as a normal dance and not really a big deal. Heck, some of my classmates shake their ass in school and I don't complain. I just find the girls here more open and comfortable with their sexuality compared to Canadian girls.

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i hate to be a "bubble butt" snob (i prefer the curves on the front, anyway) .. but, uh, those women don't appear to have any meat on they asses at all, let alone be "bubble butts"

I love both and I consider myself a butt, thigh and breast guy. Must have the total package but then am not too picky if they at least have 2 of the above, its all good.

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From the title it sounds like your complaining?

btw, the girl in that first video is fine as hell

No am not complaining at all, heck am just enjoying all these bubble butt videos posted on youtube. Hopefully it doesn't die down too fast. Its better than that lame PSY song.

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