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[Proposal] Van - Edm (hemsky retained?)

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Hemsky (50% retained) for Hansen + a mid pick?

He's been scoring at a 40-45 point pace the last three seasons, but he's had six seasons where he's been on pace for 70 + points. I was thinking, in terms of a smaller deal,

It's not a very cdc type deal. Sorry it's not eberle for edler ++++

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For that trade to fit in cap that money does not need to be retained...

But anyways I agree we need to alter the top 6 and a smaller deal would be better because next year I think we go all out for it.

However 3 years of 40-45 point production is a lot and that is actually the same production as Hansen.

Also hansen is grittier and better defensively.

Hemsky does have a better skill set though and could get up to 60 points if with the right players.

Its his toughness, injury proneness, and most of all his will to work especially defensively that is the problem with this i believe.

He will end up in Tortorellas dog house like Gaborik was in New York

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