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Bren Mo

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My theory behind this is that Winnipeg just isn't taking it to the next level with those guys and need to make some serious moves. There's probably a lot of pressure on their gm to fix it. Ladd isn't righting the ship with his leadership, byfugliens been lazy, and bogosian isn't living up to his potential.

In higgins and Hansen they get some stability from guys who can play and have been a part of teams whove had success. Garrison gives them some offense from the backend and Schroeder is a plus for their youth movement with guys like troubadour and shiefele.

If I'm Winnipeg I might do this to be honest. It gets rid of the byfuglian contract, the unrealized potential argument in bogosian, and the leadership that just isn't working right now. You get some fresh legs who are positive, hard working guys who can play and can easily be re dealt in the future too while not bogging you down with long term salary issues.

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