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2014 scf run proposal

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Buffalo could get more for Ehrhoff than a late 1st and a career AHLer.

I would not trade Garrison (arguably our best Dman) for a 41 year old Jagr (who might not even be playing next season) and Henrique (as good as he is).

I agree, Ehrhoff could get more, and I'd only trade for Jagr if the price was low. I don't even see Henrique's value though....what has he done that makes people think he's something special??

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Tanev has as many points as Hoff does, just saying.

And also, MG would look stupid to trade for him when he could of signed him so I highly doubt this will happen one way or another. Hoff's contract doesn't correlate to the teams current cap structure so that just adds to why it most certainly won't happen. Good proposal though, value is pretty fair.

Edit: oops, never saw the second trade. Yea, that won't happen ever..

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