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Releasing value why we have it (proposal)

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To Detroit,

Alex Edler

To Vancouver,

Anthony Mantha

Gustavo Nyquist


To Buffalo

2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th all 2014

To Vancouver

1st 2014 4th 2014

Sedin Sedin Nyquist

Higgins Santa Kesler

Burrows Richardson Kassian

Prospect pool:

Top 5 pick 2014

Round 20 pick 2014







Shinkaruk Horvat Mantha

Top 5 Cassels Kasian?

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I say one last time.

Detroit is NOT going to give up both Nyquist AND Mantha. They need to get younger and will not subtract 2 of the leagues more promising forward prospects for a simple defenceman.

Also Buffalo probably does not take that deal as they are in full rebuild and if they hold theirs AND the Isles 1st round pick they could very well be picking twice in the top 3

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^To add to the above, the Islanders have an option of deferring the pick if it is top 10. The higher the pick the more likely that the Isles choose to keep it.

Also I am not really sure why you think you can trade all your low picks for a top 5 pick. If you remember last year the Islanders made the Jackets a similar offer except it was


4th overall

2,3,4,5,6,7 (all 2014)


2nd overall

This and basic common sense tells us what you are offering Buffalo is complete crap.

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Sabres management has to be on some kind of Heisenberg meth to give away one of the top 5 picks in the draft for 2-7th rounders...

Detroit would probably offer either Mantha OR Nyquist along with a 2nd rounder for Edler, highly doubt that Detroit would offer two of their most promising prospects for him.

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