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Recovery after Exercise problem


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I tried Googling this but to no avail, so I went to the last resort: CDC.

I've had this thing for about 5 years now, where my lungs don't seem to recover properly after intense exercise (hockey, often).

At first doctors and my mom thought it was exercise induced asthma, but that would suggest that I get tired quicker than others, and this isn't the case. The only problem I'm having is an extremely long recovery time. They gave me a puffer, but it didn't make any difference.

Let me give an example. On Sunday night, I played floor hockey for two hours at my church. I was exhausted afterwards and went to bed that night early as a result. Even when I went to bed almost 3 hours after I finished playing hockey, I was still tired. And I'm not talking sleep tired, I mean I could feel that my lungs were still exhausted.

I slept for 12 hours. I woke up. Guess what? My lungs were still tired.

This isn't a huge problem in my life, but it is a bit annoying that I can't do anything relatively physically exhausting after one long bout of intense exercise.

Again, what makes my problem so unique is that the only thing that is being affected is my recovery, nothing else. The rest of my muscles recover fine, it's just my lungs that stay tired.

Any help or suggestions?

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Sounds like your missing something in your diet or you have a low red blood count. Something like that. You could just be missing an amino acid. I would stick to a serious diet for a while to see if it helps.

Was your puffer a corticosteriod? That's like Advair or similar. Once you're on that for a week or two you'll notice a huge difference.

Edit: It's really a disk now.

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I strongly suggest you see a specialist. If your body and muscles are recovering quicker than your cardivascualr and bronchial system(breathign) and you're still laboured hours after something is not right as your body is metabolizing properly, it sounds like you're not suffering from prolonged amino acid or waste acid build up in your legs or extremities.

Really man time for you to put on the mask and hit a bike or treadmill while hooked up to a monitor. I had that issue when I was a smoker, I was heaving for air after running/biking but even then i was fine after about 10 minutes. So I say again

If after 3 hours you're still labouring for breath, your lungs still feel on fire or like you just did a full bag sprint. See a specialist, no more family doctor, 2nd opinion and get it figured out.

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Can you describe what the feeling of exhausted lungs is? Is it a tightness, is it soreness...?

It's just general tiredness. It's not that it's particularly hard to breathe, but it just feels like my lungs don't want to put in the work to breathe. It's not an extreme problem, as I can still breathe fine, it's just a bit of an annoyance.

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I have asthma and for the most part I feel fine- but if I get triggered. I feel tired, have slight problems breathing and my chest hurts- have a tight/pressure like feeling. It feels like a 'elephant' is laying on my chest. it sucks big time. At times my blue inhaler wouldn't work to relieve the pressure even if it was helping to improve my air quality. My doctor put me on steroid medicine I am suppose to take every day- and it did help a lot with the pressure feeling. Once the pressure feeling went away I was able to sleep better at night and no longer feel tired.

I am not saying that you do have asthma but if this sounds like familiar/what is happening after you exercise then perhaps talk to your doctor about getting a preventive medicine.

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