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Top Video Game Character Tournament - Link Division

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Time to start the Top Video Game Character Tournament.

There's 3 spots left to be filled, and it's between Conker, Max Payne, Magus, Elizabeth, Ridley, Earthworm Jim, and Kain. So let me know which ones you want in.

As for the main poll, I'm voting:

Link - Well known iconic character.

Bowser - Probably the most iconic villain in gaming.

Zero - I always loved using him in the Megaman X games, and he actually has a pretty good back-story and personality that gets shown in the Megaman Zero games.

Raiden - Good story to him, and just like most from MGS, he's simply a great character.

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LoZ OoT was my first ever video game, more of an adventure back then. Link, the silent protagonist will have my vote every time.

Though I would like to nominate Revan from the KOTOR, another great game growing up for me, argueably the best Star Wars game of all time.

Greatest moment of the game

Both are marvelous games I recommend to everyone.

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