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I love the Alumni games. Just finished watching the Detroit vs Toronto. They just look like they're having fun, the way hockey should be. Got me thinking if there was an Alumni game between Canucks and Ottawa, which would be the best 23 man roster for each team. I don't know too much about retired Ottawa players. Alexie Yashin is one of the only players I can think of, and Alexander Daigle :P

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Brodeur is only 61. Cue bass solo.

yeah I'm aware of that, however during the alumni game during the prospects games this year, he was only the goalie coach. Also I think you have to be in better shape in a sense to be a goalie. Brodeur doesn't look like he's in the best of shape. Also I did say the best line up, but if you think a 61 year old Brodeur will be better then a 37 year old Cloutier then my apologies.

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