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Mafia: The Game [Garlic Bread & Lasagna]

Alchemy Time

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WOOT! FINALLY home from christmas vacation - about to hit up the cold beer and wine... I'll be back in 30 mins and we can get the gong show rolling...

After I'm good and drunk I'll chug channel some spirits and go gure mode. I suggest the mafia kill me tonight or you'll lose this game as I find several people suspicious already (however its tough to tell since I'm still sober)

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Btw I don't really hate cats. I just said that to weed out the mafia

Peaches,Heffy,BurrDMan,etc are all mafia


I actually agree that most likely at least 2 out of those 3 are mafia.

I'd also add Toews in for NOT jumping on the bandwagon.

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Is this you


LoL - hahaha no... no its not....

I posted the first vote before I saw his post, then figured that was the post of a mafia trying to blend in... either that or it was a ermmm, how do I put this in a politically correct way? silly thing to do....

Honestly, I think LTC would be a very good lynch in the first round.

IB4 LTC says he was joking....

Seriously, lets lynch LTC this round

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