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[Report] Gilbert Brule to retire


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Gilbert Brule’s hockey career has apparently come to an early end.

Brule, who was drafted sixth overall by the Columbus Blue Jackets in the 2005 NHL draft, was suspended by the Phoenix Coyotes on Monday after refusing an assignment to the American Hockey League on Sunday. Coyotes GM Don Maloney told the Arizona Republic that instead of pursuing options overseas, Brule has opted to retire from hockey at the age of 27.

“He decided that he didn’t want to live out of a suitcase anymore, was sick of living at hotels, and told me he was going to quit hockey – maybe become a firefighter.

“So what we do procedurally is we suspended him and unless he has a change of heart very, very quickly, we’ll go through the procedure of terminating his contract.”

The Edmonton, Alta., native signed a one-year deal with Phoenix in November but has no points in only three games with the Coyotes this season. He has 12 points in 11 games with the AHL’s Portland Pirates. It was Brule’s first season in North America since 2011-12, also with the Coyotes, after he spent the lockout-shortened season in Switzerland.

Brule was reportedly close to signing a deal with a KHL team in the off-season before opting to sign a two-way deal with the Coyotes. Although Brule’s second stint with the Coyotes was a short one, Maloney was supportive of the young forward’s decision.

“He’s still a relatively young player, but hey listen, even though he’s young, he’s been playing pro hockey for a long time. I think he’s just tired of doing what he’s doing, obviously. Good luck, God speed and move on.

“I did mention it’s hard to make the kind of money he’s making in the real world, but he’ll find that out pretty quick,” Maloney said. “But on the other hand, now he can get on with his real life. This is all just a bubble to me and once this is over with, now he can hopefully get his life in the direction he wants to take it.”

Brule had his best season with the Edmonton Oilers in 2009-10, scoring a career high 17 goals and 37 points in 65 games. He has 43 goals and 95 points in 299 NHL games with the Blue Jackets, Oilers and Coyotes.


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I was never a fan of his. He was good in Junior but looked better because of his team. Totally over hyped right off the bat, I never bought into the "he was rushed" argument. Other players from his team were "rushed" just as quickly as he was with no problem. He is just another player who couldn't make the jump into the NHL.

That being said I hope he figures out what he's going to do and has a good life outside of hockey.

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People who call him mediocre or not that good never saw him play with the Giants. He was a terrific player. He ended up in Columbus where it was all checking and defense first. That was never his strong point. He was a dynamic, offensive player who was in the NHL too soon and never saw power play time. He wasn't put in a situation to suit the best of his abilities. The off-ice stuff just made things a lot worse.

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Man, NHL hockey was not good to Gilbert Brule eh?

Sounds like he could have continued his career elsewhere but he was tired of traveling and moving around so much.

We'll see though. This will be the first time in his life where he's without hockey. A lot of people think it's so much easier to be an average joe but he might realize how important the game really is to him. If he starts missing the rink and the adrenaline and the team camaraderie he might attempt a comeback at some point.

Shocking career trend for someone who was so highly touted. Best to him

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