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Things i noticed:

  • Hamhuis can hip check again
  • Kesler misses from the slot everytime
  • Henrik cant shoot the puck
  • Eddie played good
  • Out willed tonight
  • PP still sucks
  • Kucherov has a real good shot
  • Sestito has a point streak
  • Kassian had a solid game
  • Richardson got a goal
  • CDC hates losing


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Good the Bad and the Ugly

The Good:

Tanevs okay

Hammer played really well, 2 nice hip checks

4th line was our best line

Eddie was sharp

3rd line

The Bad

Out willed all game

Out skated all game


Garrisons shot

Kesler shaken up

Tanev shaken up

The lack of PP goals is hurting us

The Ugly

The power play

turn overs


Eddie hung out to dry

4th line was our best line

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They didn't come prepared to play. Good game by our bottom 9, the only players that looked dangerous on the ice.

Sedin's need to get back to playing a quicker game. They are moving the puck around too slow out there. On the pp it looks terrible, they don't get any chances because of it. by the time they set up the play the other team is already back into positions. The need to make quick plays and get the players moving around to open up lanes. They used to be so good at it, it seems like they've gotten used to things going their way and aren't looking to work for their goals anymore. Something needs to wake them up.

They also need to understand the importance of getting a shot on the net they had three 2 on 1 chances today where they never even got a shot away, Can't score if the puck doesn't get on net.

Kesler needs to hit the net.

Booth needs to score on his wide open chances, game would have been way differently if he scored in the first.

And on to the next game. Hopefully Luongo heels up soon, Not that Lack played bad at all. He's a leader on this team that can bring the teams level of compete up a notch

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Leaders aren't leading. Only reason the team was in the game was the performance of the bottom 6 and Tanev and Lack.

The core needs to be shaken up. Hank 0 shots and Dan with one with 2 PPs and 20 minutes of ice time each. Bloody pathetic!

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