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Guest Gumballthechewy

Has Anyone played this game? I picked it up a little while back and I love it!

I didn't see a thread in this so I thought I'd make one where people can discuss this cool game. It's kinda like Minecraft only in 2D and it has a purpose, things to do, ect.



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Guest Gumballthechewy

is it free? does the eyeball do anything? Nevermind where can i find it

Well, you could get it for free...

The eyeball tries to kill you.

You can find it on Steam or through the link I provided.

But like Faulky said, for some it could get boring playing strictly single player.

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It's a great game. I've played it on and off for years with friends. The people who developed the game are also responsible for "Starbound" which is currently in early access. If you like Terraria keep an eye out for Starbound but right now I can't say I'd recommend it given its current state.

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I used to play that game a ton. The sequel to it, Starbound, is out now. Just on PC though.

I have Terraria on PC and used to play online with buddies on a private server and we'd stream it for people all the time.

Then I didn't play it for a long time...it came out for PS3 and I bought it again. Played with buddies on that.

Game is a blast, and once you get the hang of all the crafting and everything it's even more fun.

I don't even remember the names of half the stuff because it's been a long time, but once you get the grappling hook it's way easier. Just letting the new guys know. Find hover boots + make a grappling hook. Then exploring the caverns will be so much better. You don't even have to worry about falling anymore because you can just hook onto the side.

It makes the underworld really easy to go through too because you can just hook onto the bottom of the map.

You can definitely get a great deal of playing time out of it just from playing by yourself. There's lots of things to find and make, plus dungeons to explore.

There's a special sword that takes 3 different swords to craft it. I remember trying to find the sword from the forest, and I hate the forest underground with all the bees and crap.

After you beat the final boss you go into hard mode and there's even harder bosses.

I remember on normal mode Skeletron was hard at first....

For beginners, in order to get NPCs to start spawning and living in your house you need a separate room for each of them. That means, table + chair, light, walls, background and a door. I remember how confused I was why no other NPCs were spawning at my house.

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