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What are the actual chances that Ryan Callahan signs with Canucks this summer?


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Better chance then people say. Just because he is a New York guy, doesn't mean he only wants to play in NY. If he doesn't like AV and tests out FA, then we are top3. Could see ott, Wpg, wash, Tampa. Proberly doesn't want to play against NYR to much.he knows the coach, coach loves him. He wants a cup, Gilles will sigh someone, for big money.

Sedins burrows

Callahan kesler Santorelli

Booth horvat kassian

Higgins Richardson hansen

Edler garrison

Hamhuis tanev

Shanton bieksa




We are the favorites if we get him.

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I say him or moulson slotting into our 2nd line obviously helps the entire team via trickle down effect. He is basically another version of Booth with less health issues but more suited to playing in the west. I mean if Booth is potting 50 points or so a season people are over the moon because we've secondary scoring.

Callahan or Moulson or a gritty hard nosed player capable of 50+ points on our 2nd line pushes everyone down the depth chart. And last I checked a 4th line of Richardson Booth or Hansen and [insert] Dalpe, Archibald, Sestito, Grenier or the like is pretty danged reasonable in todays league.

Do we need Callahan? No, would he make this team better if he could produce?

Yes, no question. If he can be had for around $4.5-$5 million he's a bargain over a few years, But....can he be had for $5 million or less is the question?

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The cap is going up so we will be able to afford him.

He was Torts fav player.

He is exact type of player the canucks need.

Help with development of kassian.

Really fits well with Torts style of play.

Slim to none

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Honestly...why does everyone want Callahan?

He hasn't broken 60pts before and although he's had injuries (which also sucks) he's only broken the 50pt mark once.

Reminds me of another Higgins but with better shot blocking ability and defense. We need a Bobby Ryan type not the Callahan type. We already have Callahan types in spades (Burrows, Santos, Higgins, Hansen, Kesler etc.)

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